Fresh 'N Frisky


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Need a quick fur fix? This is the perfect combo to put the frisk back in their step!

STINK-BUSTER FOAM BATH provides a waterless bath on-the-go as well as a detangling solution. The Bamboo & Mint scented foamy solution bubbles its way deep into coats, cleaning fur all the way to the root.

SPRITZ ME FRESH is made using a very small ingredient list to shine coats and leave a refreshing fragrance without any unnecessary additives. A few quick sprays will leave your pet looking and smelling their best.


Stink-Buster Foam Bath: Water, Tween20, Glucerin, Natural Fragrance Oils

Spritz Me Fresh: Water Glycerin, Natural Fragrance Oils

Stink-Buster Foam Bath

Spritz Me Fresh