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Walton Wood Farm

Peter and Leslie Scott run a farm forward operation.  They supplement cash crops by creating products that fit outside the traditional agricultural envelope. A percentage of earnings is used to develop scrub land into agricultural land and restore historic barns for future generations. “Iconic barns are disappearing rapidly from our landscape, being replaced by vinyl buildings. A piece of our heritage is being lost forever.”

With Peter’s 40 years’ farming and business experience, and Leslie’s award-winning writing skills, Walton Wood Farm is ever expanding their portfolio of fun and funky gift products such as lotions, body washes, colognes and more. They specialize in eye-catching packaging, and entertaining copy writing that address real life issues and events with a fresh and unexpected approach. Their products are paraben, SLS and dye free. Save a barn, shop the farm!

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with Walton Wood Farm Products

Create a Spa in your Bathroom

Do you ever wish you had a spa in your house?  Ever wanted to create a spa in your bathroom?  Skip the local joint with their highfalutin price tag, rip off the clothes and head straight for your bathroom.  Just add some Walton Wood Farm products, and create your own little secret hide-away. Perhaps the…read more

Best Stocking Stuffers For 2016

The holidays are fast approaching, you know what that means for most of us; stressful Christmas shopping!  Not this year though.  Get the best stocking stuffers for 2016, as well as other great gifts, here at Walton Wood Farm. Big items, small items, and of course, the much sought after; stocking stuffer.  It can be…read more

Top Stocking Stuffers For Men

Men can be extremely hard to buy for at Christmastime.   Their wide variety of interests, wants, and needs can leave us completely unsure of what to look for.  Whats worse?  Finding gifts men want that are small enough to fit inside a stocking.  Stocking stuffers for men, a Christmas shopper’s worst nightmare.

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