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SLS, Paraben and Dye Free. Vegetarian friendly and cruelty free. Made with love.

Walton Wood Farm

When you call Walton Wood Farm, you’re getting a Customer Happiness Agent who works right from our historic agricultural property. Our entire team from sales to customer service participates in product development around our kitchen table.

We make high quality products free of harsh ingredients, made with love.

Walton Wood Farm is a multiple award-winning family business on a mission to help grow communities by bringing back jobs to our country, saving historic icons, and breathing new life into rural communities.

There is a rural Renaissance going on, and we are proud to say we’re part of it.

Walton Wood Farm is committed to making products with high quality, sustainable ingredients and helping to protect both our history and environment for future generations.

It's Fall Y'all

Pumpkin Spice Time!

Taming the Beard Beast: Ingredients Matter

We’ve all been there, groggily waking up, stumbling to the bathroom, throwing on the hot water and while you’re waiting for the water to heat up you notice something. Your beard looks the same day in and day out. You’ve accepted this because it’s easy. You’ve accepted this because there’s nothing else to do. Shampooing…read more

Award Winning Beard Wash

Walton Wood Farm is happy to announce our Gentleman Beard Wash is featured in the January 2017 issue of Nation-Alist Magazine. We were awarded the “Best of Grooming Award” for the Beard Soap category, and we couldn’t be happier that they selected our product to be recognized above of all the wonderful beard products available…read more

5 Health Problems Men Face in Their 40s

Written By:  Guest Author Peter Minkoff. While it is still quite early to speak about old age at 40, this is when most people’s bodies steadily embark on a downward spiral. Even though men are still in their prime during this period, this is where first serious health issues start to take place. Sure, most…read more

Create a Spa in your Bathroom

Do you ever wish you had a spa in your house?  Ever wanted to create a spa in your bathroom?  Skip the local joint with their highfalutin price tag, rip off the clothes and head straight for your bathroom.  Just add some Walton Wood Farm products, and create your own little secret hide-away. Perhaps the…read more

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