30-Minute Winter Vacay?

Who's ready for a 30-minute winter vacay? See below for your quick and easy step-by-step guide to soft, glowing skin.......

1. Detoxify and reduce stress with a 15-minute foot soak. Add 1/3 cup of Week from Hell bath salts to a bathtub of warm water (enough to cover your feet). Throw on some music and let the salts do the rest.
2. Follow up with a nice, warm shower ...and don't forget the scrub. Soak your body for at least 5 minutes under warm or hot water to soften the skin. Either turn off the water or move to an area of your shower where you aren't getting soaked and apply the Me Time Sugar Scrub in gentle, circular motions to your legs, arms, and back (if you can reach). Rinse.
3. Once all the dead skin is removed lather up with the Better B'ver Creamy Shave Soap and shave away all your unwanted hair.
4. Hop out of the shower and dry off. Apply the Better B'ver Aftershave Balm to any areas you shaved. Tip: Use your nail plate to scrape off a small amount of balm.
5. For the rest of your body, keep moisturized with the Week from Hell Whipped Body Cream. A little goes a long way with this bad boy.
6. Now let's not forget about your pout. Take a small amount of the Sugar Coat It Lip Scrub and rub in a circular motion over your lips to remove all those unwanted flakes. Seal the deal with a signature lip balm.
Happy pampering!

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