Walton Wood Featured in The List

Walton Wood Featured in The List


Our cozy Sweater Weather Hand Rescue was featured on The List.

"It's autumn. Your heart may be singing, but your hands are quietly screaming for help — for moisture. So, before you pluck one more apple or toast yet another s'more, it's time to give your hands the TLC they deserve this season. 
This cream is packing a lot of oomph behind its cute name — like cocoa butter and Shea butter, which WebMD reports is very beneficial to the skin. Plus, it's vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel as good in your heart as you do your hands.

Expert Tip: As the CEO of Morph Clothing, Cristy Pratt spends a lot of time thinking about what consumers need each season. Her advice? "Don't take the fall weather for granted no matter where you live. Soon the dead cold winter will be rolling in." Okay, Cristy, it sounds like we need to get ahead of the dry-skin season!

Price: The Sweater Weather Hand Rescue cream is available on the Walton Wood Farm website for $17.99.

Social Media Highlight: The folks at Walton Wood Farm are funny AF, and it's on full display on Instagram, where they have over 10,000 followers. Plus, you can glimpse all the clean, sustainable products they create."