Best Stocking Stuffers 2020

You’re in full Pumpkin Spice mode now; however, you know the holiday season is just weeks away. Couriers are super slow - don't get caught with your stockings down!

A Winter Rescue Team

This trio in a giftable box is the perfect rescue for Jack Frost's bite. Includes thick and rich Hand Rescue, Lip Balm, and Cracked Skin Salve in a delightful peppermint buttercream formula.

Winter Rescue: Buy it here

A Little Comfort & Joy

Who isn't going to need a little Comfort & Joy bundle this holiday season? Our holiday bakery scented hand cream will rescue homebound hearts and this 7 pack of mini bath bombs will harken memories of Christmas past as they take a nice de-stressing soak in the tub.

Comfort and Joy: Buy it here

For 2020 Survival

Save yourself with these two Year from Hell products perfect for over sanitized skin and a broken spirit.

Year From Hell: Buy it here

For the Front Line Worker

Get the 911 for those dry hands and overworked soul.

Front Line Rescue: Buy it here

Nurse's Rescue: Buy it here

For the Best Mom (& Grandma) Ever

If ever there was a time Mom needs to be rescued, it's now! Send her running to the bathroom for some mommy time-out and lock the door.

Dear Mom: Buy it here

Fierce Gramma: Buy it here

For the Home Spa Lover

Gift them a little 'Me Time' with this trio of super indulgent body care.

Me Time: Buy it here

For Helping Hands

These thick and rich Shea Butter hand cremes are the perfect thoughtful gift for helping hands this holiday season.

Nurse's Rescue: Buy it here

Teacher's Reward: Buy it here

Thank You: Buy it here

For the Holiday Birthday Girl

Soft hands take the cake with our delightful buttercream scented hand rescue and tasty lip balm pairings.

Buy them here

For Teen & Tween Boys

Struggling to find stocking stuffers for tween and teen boys? Boys Don't Stink giant bar of extra savage exfoliating Shea Butter and Oatmeal soap from Walton Wood Farm will keep them smelling more like a human and less like a wildebeest while reminding them, Don't Be a Pig.

Follow up the stench removing mission with Boys Don't Stink Fumigator for room funk, sorts funk, and all-around boy funk.

Top it up with a Waterless Power Shower perfect for the sports or school locker.

Boys Don't Stink: Buy it here

For the Dapper Dad in your life

Finally, a useful gift he'll appreciate and you will benefit from, too! He's sure not going to need a tie this year anyway.

Men Don't Stink: Buy it here

Is he Handsome AF?

Keep him that way with this trio of grooming goodies he'll love. Start the day by sloughing off night stench with this giant 8 oz bar of Oatmeal & Shea Butter soap, follow up with a close shave using our creamy shave soap, top it all off with our Date Night Solid Cologne's warm whiskey scent. You'll both thank us.

Buy them here

For The Redneck

This bourbon and oak giant 8 oz exfoliating soap with black Jojoba beads will scrub him clean and make his mama proud. Simply the best soap in the world (in our opinion.)

The Redneck Collection: Buy it here

Stocking Stuff-Hers

Don’t get caught short this season. Snatch up our sweet Stocking Stuff-Her deal. Includes;

2 x Comfort & Joy 4 oz Hand Rescues

2 x Year from Hell 4 oz Hand Rescues

6 x Winter’s a Bear Lip Balms

2 FREE Winter’s a Bear 2 oz Hand Rescue tubes

Buy them here

For the Friend in Need

The perfect gift for winter lips in a snazzy, reusable tin includes four delightful and delicious 100% natural vegetarian lip balms.

Buy it here

For Holiday Spills and Blunders

Oops! Dropped a glass of red wine on the sofa? Someone had to much eggnog and let loose on your fave sweater? Wine, blood, vomit, urine, feces, are all no match for this organic bio-enzyme technology. Not only gets rid of stains but prevents odors, too!

Buy it here

For Fido

Let's face it - you're too busy during the holidays to worry about convincing Fido he needs a bath. Instead, freshen them up with our natural Spritz Me Fresh Bamboo and Mint spray. They'll be smelling great and ready for Santa's annual visit in no time flat. Basket not included.

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