Best Stocking Stuffers For 2016

Women's Bath and Body Products The holidays are fast approaching, you know what that means for most of us; stressful Christmas shopping! Not this year though. Get the best stocking stuffers for 2016, as well as other great gifts, here at Walton Wood Farm. Big items, small items, and of course, the much sought after; stocking stuffer. It can be absolutely trying to find the best stocking stuffers for 2016. Stockings stuffers are one of the most overlooked, unplanned, and thrown-together gifts out there. What to do? Fill those fleece cozies with candies, bubblegum, lip balm, and what? Even socks for the old hanging sock? Stop buying unwanted and unneeded stocking stuffers and start shopping Walton Wood Farm!

Compact, Useful, And Meaningful

If you have read our previous post titled 'Top Stocking Stuffers For Men' then you know that our products meet all of the requirements of a perfect stocking stuffer. They are a perfect size, are useful and have a purpose, and lastly they are meaningful. Give a gift that means something, shows you care, and won't get thrown in the back of the dreaded drawer, re-gifted, or worse, eaten and packed on the hips until next holiday season.


Remember, less is more this holiday season. Put something inside that doesn't require extra wrapping, is unique, and leaves your stockings looking not only stylish, but puts a smile on your loved one's face. Whether you are shopping for a man or woman, our gifts are compact -- the perfect stocking stuffer size.


Bath Salts Our products are very useful. We don't believe in giving gifts just for the sake of it. Give a gift from Walton Wood Farm designed to meet the needs of different individuals and help solve some of life's little problems. Men Don't Stink, well actually they do, but not after using one of our Solid Colognes, Power Showers, and among others our Beard Products. Problem solved! He will never have to worry about how he smells when using one of our fabulous scents. Give the gift of smelling great and feeling confident, now that's useful. What about the ladies you ask? How many women would find a product that helps them unwind at the end of a long day to be extremely useful? Enter Walton Wood Farm Bath Events. These essential oil and Epsom salt based bath salts are designed to help your worries go away and leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed. Bonus hilarious story on the side of the bottle will make any hard-working gal's day. Beyond the physical act of cleansing and refreshing, create a mental space for reflection and happiness, too. And have we got hand cream! Our Hand Rescue with Shea butter, cocoa butter, and Japanese Green Tea comes in seven scents and themes. From mojito inspired 'Me Time' to brown sugar and maple 'Week from Hell'. Shaving the southern regions of your body ladies? We all know this area can get a bit irritated and prickly. Introducing B'ver Balm from Walton Wood Farm. It's fun, it's tongue and cheek, and its a useful feminine aftershave designed to solve the issues of shaving sensitive areas. This 100% natural, unscented blend is not only useful, the fun label puts a smile on your face every time.


Perhaps most importantly our products have meaning! They go beyond the physical aspect of a shower gel, solid cologne, bath salt, and so on. Our products have a story, an attitude, and a charisma about them. They are crafted in hopes they bring joy to an otherwise dull or crazy day. Whether its the unique scents we offer, the individual products, or the story written on the side of our packaging, we want people to relate to our products. We truly believe the best gifts are the ones that hit home with people and that they can connect with.

Our Products Are New, Unique, And Exciting!

Men's Stocking Stuffers Do you buy the same items and put them in the same stocking year after year. Mix it up! Put something new in there that is going to surprise that special someone on Christmas morning. Isn't that what you want as well. After all we not only buy stocking stuffers for other people but we are also the proud recipients of somebody else's gift ideas. Don't you want something new for 2016? Something fun, humorous, suave, or sexy? Unique gifts that few others have received before? We want that for you too!

Something For Everyone

Regardless of personal interests, hobbies, or day-to-day activities, we have a gift to elevate your status to 'best gift giver' this holiday season. Put smiles on faces, feel excellent about your purchases, and stand back while friends and family heap mountains of praise upon you for your clever and skilled gift giving savvy. Shop the best stocking stuffers for 2016! Shop Walton Wood Farm today! Save