What Christmas Gifts To Get For Men?

What Christmas Gifts For Men The Best Gifts for Men at Walton Wood Farm

Men are so hard to buy for. Especially at Christmas time. Men are all unique, with different hobbies and interests. True fact. Most of us just Google What Christmas Gifts For Men as December 25th fast approaches. Fear not, Walton Wood Farm to the rescue! We offer a great selection of men's products including solid cologne, beard wash and balm, athletes soak, shower gels, and multipurpose gift sets. No matter how unique or different your man may be, we have a gift to suit his individuality.

Solid Cologne

What Christmas Gifts For Men

Men Don't Stink! At least that's what we think here at Walton Wood Farm. Ladies, give your man a solid cologne to make him smell great. You'll love the fact that he can never overdue it with our gentle scents. Subtle and sexy. Gentlemen, if you really don't know what to buy for your son, brother, or dear old dad, buy him a gift that he'll love to throw in the duffle bag, and it's carry-on luggage approved for those globe-trotters in the family. Choose from ten scents as unique as he is.

Beard Wash and Beard Balm

What Christmas Gifts For Men

Beards, women love them, men revere them, so much prestige, so versatile. Whether its the burliest lumberjack beard the woods have ever seen, or a suave scruff on the highest class gentlemen, beards are sure to turn heads . If the man you are buying for this Christmas dons the facial fuzz, get him one of our beard washes, beard balms, or perhaps a gift set combo. Our blend of Argan oil and Vitamin E helps clean the hair, control and soften, and is great for the skin underneath. No more cheeseburger smell! Just because your all brains and brawn, doesn't mean you can't be soft and cuddly, too.

Athlete's Soak

What Christmas Gifts For Men

Sports, physical fitness, and physical activity play a large roll in the lives of many men. One of the most important yet overlooked aspects of an athletic and active lifestyle is the post-activity recovery. The body needs to heal and recover in order to perform at its best. Open up a tub of Whoop-Ass Athlete's Soak. Designed to soothe muscles and prepare the body for the next physical undertaking . After all, men don't bath, they soak.

Power Shower

Men Don't Shower--they Power Shower! No matter what their profession, geographic location, or day-to-day activities, men simply need to shower. The days of men using a plain old bar of soap to cleanse or smelling like women's shampoo need to end. Get your man a Power Shower designed to clean thoroughly and leave them smelling masculine and sexy. Between The Adventurer, The Texan, The Gentleman, and of course The Beast, we have a scent to suit men of all types. SLS, paraben, and dye free. Doubles down as a shampoo.

Men's Gift Sets

What Christmas Gifts For Men

Are you a one-stop shopper? Do want multiple items to suit your man but don't know where to find them? Undecided on what product the man you are shopping for will like the best? Introducing Men's Gift Sets from Walton Wood Farm. We offer:
  1. Beard Lovers Gift Bag - including a Beard Wash and Beard Balm in 'The Texan, Musician, Gentleman, and Beast' scent.
  2. Grooming Collections - Includes a Power Shower, Solid Cologne, and Men's Hand Rescue in your favorite, 'The Gentlemen, Adventurer, Texan or Beast' scent.
  3. Beard Balm Gift Boxes - Select your favorite three scents from our Beard Balm lineup and put them in one box to give your man all the options he needs for his best beard ever. Three 1/2 oz pocket sized tins.
  4. Solid Cologne Gift Boxes - A single box of your favorite three scents from our Solid Cologne lineup, give him a scent to match whatever the situation calls for. Three 1/2 oz pocket sized tins.
Gift sets for men that actually make 'scents'. Shop the farm! Cruelty free, vegetarian friendly.

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