Create a Spa in your Bathroom

Bathroom Spa Do you ever wish you had a spa in your house? Ever wanted to create a spa in your bathroom? Skip the local joint with their highfalutin price tag, rip off the clothes and head straight for your bathroom. Just add some Walton Wood Farm products, and create your own little secret hide-away. Perhaps the most important factor in this homemade spa experience is deciding what products to treat yourself with. This can be difficult to narrow down. What works best for my needs? What scents do I like? Which products do I use and in what sequence? What if I.........RELAX -- Walton Wood Farm is here to help.

Our Spa Inspired Products

SPA 101: Just light the candles, cue the music, and run a hot bath filled with our essential oil and Epsom based salts. You've just embarked on your thirty minute vacation away from the stress and chaos of everyday life. Any one of our products could be used in your bathroom spa, but we have a few in mind that are sure to help you relax. Use these products to ease your muscular tension, clear your mind, restore your well-being, and be whisked away into a blissful calm.

Bath Events (Salts)

Bath Events It's the end of a long day and you are mentally exhausted. Fear not, its now time to transition to a little mental vacation. 20 or 30 minutes of soaking in an aromatic dream can help you to renew and reboot your self-drive. Eight amazing bath salt scents to choose from -- one or several will be your favorite. Blood orange and vanilla in our Fix Almost Anything Bath, Mojito inspired Me Time Party in the Bathtub, or perhaps a little Dear Mom starring lavender and vanilla. Any of our beautifully crafted salts will help to conquer the stresses of the day. They are made with love! It's one thing to feel physically good on the outside, but if you are mentally stressed then you are not truly relaxed. A Walton Wood spa creates a space for total physical and mental relaxation.

Sugar Scrub

Week From Hell Sugar Scrub Now that you've slipped into the tub of aromatic salts, it's time scrub away the dirt, stress, and worries from your day. Our Sugar Scrubs are just the tool for the job. Made with Shea Butter and real sugar, our sugar scrubs provide a natural form of exfoliation without any harsh chemicals. The abrasive sugar will remove any dead skin cells and dirt, while the Shea Butter moisturizes and soothes the new skin beneath. After a sugar scrub treatment, your skin will feel clean, soft, smooth, and rejuvenated. Our Sugar Scrubs come in six different scents so you can match the fragrance to your mood. Choose whichever scent and story will suit your home spa best.

Hand Rescue Cream

create a spa in your bathroom It's time for phase 3 of your spa treatments. You have scrubbed the outside of your body with our Sugar Scrub. You have eased your mind and muscles with a properly suited Bath Event. It's time to coat your skin in a finishing layer of moisturizing cream before you drift off into the night. Bring on a Walton Wood Farm Hand Rescue. Despite its name, our 'hand' rescue is truly a full body product. We craft our Hand Rescue using Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Japanese Green Tea. This design will soften the skin anywhere on the body and leave you smelling wonderful. The final touch need to your spa experience. We started outside the body, worked inside the mind, body, and soul, and now it's time to put the final coat of 'ahhh' on your body.

Your Treatment Products are Integral to your Spa

As mentioned, there are a lot of factors associated with creating a spa in your own bathroom. These factors include lighting, music, interior design, accessories, accents, and perhaps a professional cleaning. Not to mention your treatment products of course. Your home spa will simply be lack-luster without terrific products that help you bounce back from all life's foibles.

Why Walton Wood Farm Products?

Why choose our products for your spa? What makes us different? What makes us stand out in a world full of spa products? Our products are made with wholesome, natural goodness. Nothing naughty like, SLS, parabens, dyes, or phthalates. Bonus: Each product tells a story--they appeal to the emotional occasions we all go through, and can relate to. These stories are designed to pull at your heart strings, empower you, and evoke emotional engagement from you. It's one thing to mindlessly dump Epsom salt into your bath tub and tell yourself you're going to feel better afterwards. It's an entirely different thing to have a Bath Event -- an Epsom salt product with amazing scents and stories to truly relax your body and mind. Create a spa in your bathroom At Walton Wood Farm, we want our products to make you feel better mentally, evoke positive emotions, and have a calming physical effect on your body. You can relate to the stories and the attitude, "I'm not the only person having The Week from Hell!" Sometimes, you feel as though you need a weekly subscription to that product, don't you? Walton Wood Farm's combination of natural ingredients and cheeky fun produce effective results for your body and soul. Treat yourself today--and just think, with the money you have left over, you can have a spa day in your bathroom every week for a year! Save