You are a barn-saving, job creating, Superhero!

When Peter and I started Walton Wood Farm, part of our goal was to save the beautiful 1850s barns on our property. They are a landmark on Rice Lake and can be seen for miles around the countryside. Many boaters use the barn as a meeting place, "Meet me at the barn!". Our country was founded on agricultural and it is imperative we save these parts of our history for future generations. After all, it's the barn and silo that differentiates a piece of land as a farm. As barns are all roughly the same age, they are falling down in record numbers. Too expensive to repair, and farms can't make a business case to save them. After a long and frustrating search to find a craftsman, through a post Krystyna Faroe made on Facebook, we were fortunate enough to find Eli's Construction. Eli, Daniela and their team of talented carpenters have been a dream to work with. Their commitment to preserving this historic icon in keeping with the original craftsmanship has been inspiring. We can't imagine a better family run business to be part of the long tale story that will continue with this wonderful legacy for at least another 160 years. So much love, appreciation, and thanks to our customers and retail partners that have supported us over the years to help achieve this goal. Special thanks to our hard-working team Kristine Hannah, Jenny Douglas Mandy Spahn Jamie Elcombe, Charlotte Snow, Paul Saramento, who go above and beyond every single day to make sure we give our customer the best experience possible. We are so grateful and excited to create a special book of the farm story to stay with the property for future generations. We will also make a plaque for inside the barn to share the story of Walton Wood Farm and the barn saving project. As Peter said when we bought this place, "We don't own anything, we are just the caretakers here. It's up to us to preserve its history." With gratitude, Leslie & Peter