Coming Soon! Our Brand New, Natural Babies Don't Stink Collection!


Being a Mom is the toughest job there is, so let us make your life a little easier and a whole lot sweeter. We know that babies are always lovable, but keep ‘em huggable with our new Babies Don’t Stink Collection! 


Gentle, yet powerful protection for your baby's skin

There’s nothing on this planet that smells as sweet as your baby, after a bath. So, when you experience funky odours emanating from your little bundle of joy, it’s time to reach for our fabulous new Babies Don’t Stink Hair and Body Wash, in a snuggly 100% natural citrus scent. It’s specially formulated with carefully selected ingredients that are extremely gentle on your newborn’s delicate skin. Olive leaf extract moisturizes and calms the skin, while providing vital antioxidant protection. And it doesn’t stop there - the gingko biloba leaf extract and the white and green tea leaf extracts take the antioxidant power to the next level to fight inflammation and protect your baby’s skin. Pink grapefruit provides a dual benefit: it cuts through oil and dirt and its energizing, uplifting citrus scent eliminates any lingering bad odours, leaving your baby fresh and clean, and ready for cuddling. 


The Ultimate All-In-One for your little One 

Our Babies Don’t Stink hair + body wash is naturally simple; you will never again have to juggle both shampoo and soap while trying to keep your baby calm and happy in the bath. And you don’t have to waste valuable time and money shopping for both shampoo and soap, when you can just buy this all-natural, all-in-one. It’s quick and easy to use, you can just lather up your little one from head to toe, rinse off and you’re done. And the fresh, citrus scent makes it the perfect gender neutral choice for girls or boys. This truly is the most versatile baby wash ever! 


Bummed Out Diaper Cream

This thick, rich and protective cream is perfect for keeping your baby’s skin smooth and irritation free. Formulated with zinc oxide, coconut oil and shea butter, it moisturizes and guards against inflammation and infection, ensuring that your baby’s skin integrity remains intact. This diaper cream is also 100% natural, ensuring that only the highest quality ingredients are used on your baby’s delicate skin. Our new Bummed Out Diaper cream is all you need to keep your little one’s skin as smooth as, well, a baby’s bottom.  


 All Over Lotion

The name says it all! This lightweight, refreshing new lotion is great to use almost anywhere, and it provides a crucial layer of protection for your baby’s skin. It’s ideal for applying after a bath, and the unscented formula ensures non-irritating application and wear. And with rich, natural ingredients such as avocado oil and aloe vera, you can feel confident that your baby’s skin is in good hands!



Mommy Rescue Hand Cream

Our new Mommy Rescue Hand Cream is a life saver for your hard-working hands! Frequent hand-washing doesn’t have to mean rough, dry skin, as this new cream contains a special barrier that locks moisture in, even while following strict hygiene protocols. The unscented formula means never worrying about exposing your skin to irritants or harmful chemicals. You’ve got your hands full being a Mom, let our new Mommy Rescue Cream keep them soft and smooth.


Mommy Rescue Time-out Peppermint Tea

This soothing, relaxing tea is just what you need when your last nerve is ready to explode like a stick of dynamite. Peppermint has the amazing ability to calm your nerves while simultaneously perking you up and getting you ready for more Mommy duty. Take some time out with our delicious new tea, put your feet up and take a well-earned sanity break.



Put it All Together!

New Moms need all the support they can get. Show her you’re there for her with our adorable new Babies Don’t Stink Collection, including all of the high-quality, natural products above: Bummed Out diaper cream, Hair and Body wash, All Over Lotion, Mommy Rescue hand cream and New Mommy Rescue Tea. Throw them all in our super cute Babies Don’t Stink gift bag, and you’ve got the makings of a sweet, thoughtful and practical gift for the new Mom in your life.