Happy Easter from the Farm!

Happy Easter from the Farm!

This Easter, experience Spring as a time for renewal. It's time to shake off the cold and celebrate new life! Get outside and start digging in the dirt, clear away the weeds and start fresh, while enjoying the peace and calm that come with working in your garden. And when you're done, treat your hands to our Zen Garden Hand Rescue, formulated to moisturize and care for working hands. 

Take your pup for a walk or a play date at the park and treat yourself afterward with our Dog Mom Hand Rescue, 5% of the purchases of which go to Dog Rescues!

Impress your family and friends with your culinary skills by making breakfast for them on Easter morning, it's so easy to do with South Pond Home's Chocolate Pancake Mix. Or if vanilla's your thing, try our Birthday Girl Pancake mix.

When it's finally time to relax, take a hot bath and experience the soothing  Chamomile, Lavender + Mint fragrance of our new Go the F to Sleep Bath Bombs and Pillow Spray to get yourself relaxed and ready to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. 

Shop our Easter Collection at https://waltonwoodfarm.com/collections/easter-2022-collection to discover these fabulous products and even more ways to make this an Easter fun, fresh + filled with the love of family + friends!