How Two Farm Friends turned Pandemic Challenges into Opportunity

How Two Farm Friends turned Pandemic Challenges into Opportunity

Leslie Bradford-Scott, CEO of Walton Wood Farm, and Danielle French, of South Pond Farms gourmet food line, are working on an exciting new collab. 

Leslie took Walton Wood Farm from a kitchen table startup to a multimillion dollar bath + beauty company selling high-quality personal care products for women, men, babies + pets. Danielle created a successful event venue with South Pond Farms, and also has her own line of culinary products. In part due to the challenges of running an event venue during a pandemic, she recently made the tough decision to sell her farm and is now focusing on her gourmet food line. 

These two farm friends formed a bond through their businesses, and have been an unwavering source of support for each other over the years. And through their friendship, a business opportunity presented itself: the pairing of Leslie's distribution networks and personal care products with Danielle's gourmet food line. The vision of these two dynamic entrepreneurs is one of self-care for the mind, body + soul. 

Walton Wood Farm will offer South Pond Farm's products online for a wonderful combination of spa bath + beauty products and gourmet food. Leslie + Danielle will also create self-care boxes to nourish the body and spirit. 

With this unique collaboration, these fab over 50 female entrepreneurs continue to inspire, while proving that age and life experience, far from being limitations, are in fact powerful assets that can help one overcome some of life's toughest challenges. @waltonwoodfarm on Instagram and Facebook @southpondfarms on Instagram and Facebook