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Lip Emergency Kit Review

Check out this tasty review of our lip balms in Blister.

"Kristin: I don’t have a favorite among the four pack of these 100% natural and cruelty-free lip balms. Each one is distinctive but not overwhelming — no heavy perfume or tints are found in these tubes. 

My collection of lip balms has deteriorated over the past few years — mainly because I keep grabbing free ones at events and simultaneously losing ones that I thought were half-decent. Free lip balms certainly aren’t the highest quality, and most of the time you’re lucky if you can find out any of their ingredients. After reading about Walton Wood Farms and their commitment to organic, cruelty-free, high quality ingredients, I was excited to give their Lip Emergency Rescue Kit a try.  While their products don’t have an SPF rating, they’re free of petroleum jelly, and more importantly, they feel great on my lips. If you’re looking for quality lip balms, the Lip Emergency Rescue Kit is worth a look."