Nurse's Week: Self-care for Caregivers

Nurse's Week: Self-care for Caregivers

Many of my favourite people are nurses, and that's no accident. Their capacity for caring, their desire to help others and their incredible work ethic make them the amazing humans that they are. They are the backbone of our health care system, and without them, things would fall apart.

In recognition of Nurse's Week and of all that nurses and caregivers do, we have curated a collection of unique products that will help them take some time out for self-care. 

Our Nurse's Rescue lip balm and 2 oz Hand Rescue are small enough to fit in a scrubs pocket or purse, and can be the perfect little indulgence for busy nurses. Our collection also features our Better B'ver Waterless Wash that's great for everything from makeup removal to cleaning intimate areas on the go. And we have our Waterless Power Shower for a gender neutral scent. 

We've also thrown in some wonderful new products, like our Hot as Hell Liquid2Powder, which prevents chafing, boob sweat and swamp crotch - perfect for caregivers whose work is physically demanding. Our Nurse's Week collection also includes some of our best-selling Week from Hell and Me Time products, guaranteed to put a smile on their faces! 

Shop our Nurse's Week Collection and show your favourite caregiver how important they are!